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But sedentary adult dogs such as Chihuahuas and Great Danes may need less physical and mental stimulation. And short-nosed dogs such as bulldogs have respiratory issues that make exercise difficult. Most indoor cats need about 30 minutes of play a day, divided into two sessions.

Pierre favors cat-sized hamster wheels, although any exercise tool will do. Wirecutter , the product review website owned by The New York Times, has recommendations for dog-walking harnesses , leashes , and cat-enrichment toys. Pets are adept at hiding their pain, so some owners may overlook dental care until symptoms become unavoidable. George Macleod. The Medical Quiz Book. Dr Anand Deshpande.

The Well Cat Book. Terri McGinnis. Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook. Thomas Gore.

Cat Owner Home Veterinary Handbook

Sinus Relief Now. Jordan S. Foot Care: The Essential Guide. Antonia Mariconda. Homeopathy for Horses. Tim Couzens. Thomas P. Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies. Neck and Back Problems. Jan de Vries. A Textbook Of Dental Homoeopathy. Dr Colin B. Veterinary Notes For Dog Owners. Trevor Turner. Neil Schachter M. Coping with Diverticulitis.

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Peter Cartwright. Liz Scott. The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook. Betsy Brevitz D.

Clinical Textbook of Dental Hygiene and Therapy. Suzanne Noble. Delbert G. Carlson DVM. Susan M. Integumentary System Human Body. IML Training. Steven Mardon. Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs. Virginia C.

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Kenneth Kee. Diana Thorgill. Cat Symptoms and Illnesses. James Andrew Jones. Alan R. Death: A Survival Guide. Sarah Brewer. Steven L. Animal Biology and Care. Sue Dallas. Margi Sirois. Diseases of the Goat. John G. The Digestive System.

Britannica Educational Publishing. Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing - E-Book. Sue Guthrie. Sinusitis Relief. Harvey Plasse. Baby Skin.

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Paul Kleinman. Pharmacology Volume 5. Equine Veterinary Nursing. Karen Coumbe. Nicola Ackerman. Veterinary Notes For Horse Owners. Horace Hayes. Louise Langmead. Healing Wounds, Healthy Skin. Madhuri Reddy. Jane Williams. Alleice Summers.

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Miriam Kinai. Practical Kitten Care. James DeBitetto. Simon Felton. Understanding Disease.

Skeletal Anatomy Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cows (VETERINARY TECHNICIAN EDUCATION)

Dr John Ball. Veterinary Technician Exam.