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Quixote and the Windmill Analog , November A sample from this collection. With Gordon R. Sentiment, Inc. What Shall It Profit? Marius Analog Astounding , March A sample from this collection. Check ManyBooks or FeedBooks for other formats! Third Stage Amazing , February A sample from this anthology.

Turning Point If , May Available as part of this anthology. Available as part of this magazine. Territory Analog , June A sample from this collection. Outpost of Empire Galaxy , December A sample from this collection. Strangely, or perhaps prophetically, many of the arguments the story portrays are still going on today, though our arguments have their basis more in philosophy than politics.

Anderson wrote a series of stories in which Un-men, a group of genetically identical men, serve a future United Nations as assassins and spies.

To Outlive Eternity : And Other Stories by Paul Anderson (2007, Paperback)

Nationalists in America want to take for themselves the power which the United Nations has consolidated worldwide. First one, then another Un-man is sent to ferret out these nationalists and learn as much about them as they can, so that if necessary, they can be stopped.

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So on the one side, the story is pro-world government, and on another, it seems to be derogatory depiction of those people who seek to overthrow existing government for their own selfish ends. This is likely a hidden portrayal of the birth of Soviet Union. The story has lots of cloak and dagger action, and the strange nature of the Un-men is a small look into the nature vs. This one takes place on Venus, a world that recently declared its independence from the nations that seeded it, and has placed all authority into the hands of a ruling oligarchy.

The Un-man sent to Venus was primarily on a fact-finding mission, but when his identity is compromised, he stages a revolt in order to get offworld. The harsh environment of a world being terraformed and the constant threat of discovery keep the drama and tension high in this story.

To Outlive Eternity: and Other Stories (Baen Book)

Anderson, with his characteristic focus on politics, points out the flaws in such a system of government. His thorough understanding of anthropology and psychology as well as science gives his stories an enduring quality that make them applicable to almost any historical situation. The full-length novel After Doomsday is one of those tales that highlights the triumph of the human spirit. In this novel, an American spaceship crewed entirely by men returns from a three year mission of exploring the galaxy to find the earth a volcanic ruin. The world is uninhabitable and will be for millennia to come.

The crewmembers fins some small hope in the knowledge that other manned space missions, some including women, may have made it off of Earth before the end.

  1. First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life.
  2. Title: To Outlive Eternity.
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  4. THE GENESIS CODE God Has Spoken.
  5. Poetic Scribble-Black Resident (E Poem) (Spoken Word Poetry Collection).

With the help of the very beings who gave them space flight, the Monwaingi, Carl Donnan and crew must find these other ships in the vast galaxy, while also discovering what it was that destroyed an Earth that had been moving towards peace between its nations. Donnan decides the easiest way is to find other humans in the galaxy is to make a big news splash, so he gets his crew to join a war.

Meanwhile, a European ship crewed entirely by women takes the long view and begins a mercantile business to find their fellow humans.

To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories by Poul Anderson

The focus of the story is on the unique characteristics of humans to adapt to circumstance, to never give up, and to always seek the truth. Anderson really goes full bore with this story, and he emotionally brings the reader from great lows to great heights and back again with a fast moving plot. But the Earth to which they return is vastly changed. Again the world has fallen prey to nuclear holocaust, but rather than organic life returning to the world, a strange metallic world has grown up instead.


Anderson does have some of the narrative told through the eyes of the humans who return, but the primary protagonist on of the sentient beings who now live on Earth. The humans, captured by Zero, the robot protagonist, must escape from the monster who now rules their former home. Each and every story is a delight, and the publisher has done a good job of giving the entire collection a theme of triumph born of tragedy and humanity as its own savior.

Poul Anderson was a unique storyteller, a writer whose pen could turn science into poetry. An excellent review, John. Poul has long been a personal favorite and it's good to see the amount of his works becoming available from both Baen and NESFA. My problem and what a nice one it is is that there is some overlap, and the contents of the Poul Anderson shelf is expanding rather dramatically.