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The littlest was born 23 months later. Talk about the trenches of motherhood.

  1. 7 Habits to Be a Good Mom for Your Little Ones!
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  5. The mundane moments that were exhausting. How I would wish our laundry room was on the bottom floor because it took so much energy and mental space to run up the stairs and switch around the laundry, let alone put it away. That chicken nuggets would become a staple because they were easy and everyone would eat them, or that one minute I would be changing a blow out diaper and the next find that one of the kids got a container of blueberries out of the fridge and was making trails for the ants to follow.

    I saw all these perfect moms on blogs and in forums. They had meal plans and got dressed every day. Balancing kids, home life, and dating their spouse were effortless. They had it all together. I was lonely. My friends were busy. The kids I prayed for and desperately wanted were driving me crazy. I was trying to hold it all together.

    We almost lost our house. We were in this together. Even though they might have moved away from their friends and family, they had a community of other moms to support them. I never wanted another mom to feel the loneliness I did. I wanted them to know that nothing about motherhood is perfect. We are all just trying to get through the day.

    I was the definition of hot mess mama. Sometimes we have oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, but a lot of time we have cereal because the kids can pour their own. Usually, the person being celebrated gets to pick where we eat out for dinner or lunch and we go do something fun together as a family. While I love creating, and at one time I actually sewed birthday outfits, having kids changed that. I lost part of myself. Giving of yourself so your littles know they are loved and safe. There will be time for me.

    There will be time for you. But right now, in this season, we give of ourselves, sacrificing part of us for them. The pizza and family movie night every Friday night from now until what feels like an eternity. Laying with them in bed and listening as they replay every single detail of their day. My boring life made up of mundane moments. Filled with the best little treasures. Whitney is an Orlando Blogger. Mommy to four children. Jesus follower. Lover of coffee, gluten-free donuts, and all things Disney. Whitney enjoys sharing real-life stories about motherhood and giving real solutions, letting moms know they are not alone.

    Oh yes. This is me. It is summer now, and I have a preteen and a teenager. I feel like i should be creating all kinds of summer fun for them. But, honestly, we are going on a big family vacation this summer, and the rest they are on their own. If they ask to do something, we try to do that. But otherwise, go outside and play, hang with friends and family. Go to the gym, Etc. I was meant to read this today. While I only have a soon to be 2 year old how did that happen?!

    We moved 1, miles away from all my friends and family two weeks before finding out I was pregnant with 1. I was excited and terrified, still am. The loneliness comes in waves, more like tsunamis… like today. It makes it hard to be so sad sometimes and still create amazing projects and memories every single day.

    7 Habits to Be a Good Mom for Your Little Ones

    Hugs, Mama. I wish we could go out for coffee. SO hard. I know those tsunami waves of loneliness so well. There are so many of us feeling like we are barely holding it together. He is 2!

    Hello Kitty Mom Loves Me After All

    As I lay awake in my bed pray he will fall asleep. I spend my day care for my brothers kids picking them up from school and dinner. They are 8,7,6,4,3. A total of seven I try to do my best but it all so crazy from the pile of laundry to dishes that need washing to. Thank u. You are not alone, Alissa.

    Stay-at-Home-Mom Depression Is Real—and Women Are Finally Talking About It

    Picture perfect motherhood is an illusion. We all feel behind and the loneliness comes in waves. Hugs, mama. Thank you for this. I am crying after reading it. You are not alone, Stephanie. The loneliness does feel crushing. It would hit me in waves.

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    You are not alone. My name is Whitney, so this definitely spoke to me! I have two — 15 months and 3 years, and I am coming into acceptance of who I am and what my life is. I am not big on holiday hoopla, crafting, or arranging lots of play dates. I used to question whether I was doing enough, comparing the number of activities we did to others, or the amount of socialization. So I am more and more giving myself permission to be who I am and do what comes authentically.

    I am a boring mom, too. But I have uncovered an appreciation for such small things which I never had before. Though tired and worn out, my heart is full. SO very much. Motherhood is HARD. If you don't believe me, check this out The benefits of mediation and exercise will leave your feeling prepared for whatever motherhood throws your way that day. Plus, you will be a happier mom when you return home And if you were lucky enough to actually marry that person, the children are a reminder of that love each and every day. Hanging onto the shear memory of it isn't enough.