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The good thing about Maldives is that you do not have to be a professional diver to dive. There are training available or you can dive under the guidance of experienced diving instructors. A dive in house reef is also remarkable. There many reefs that you will find a different spot each day without difficulty.

Vist our website for more information : www. Lakshadweep tourism takes you to the only coral island chain of India. How to reach Lakshadweep islands is a question paramount on the minds of those who search for Lakshadweep Packages. Lakshadweep tourism is conducted giving paramount importance to protecting the delicate environment of the islands and keeping in mind the scarcity of land and other resources like water. Dots of emerald green surrounded by shining turquoise waters! Maldives Islands look like scattered beads in the ocean.

White powdery beaches, tall palms leaning on towards the sea, crystalline white sands giving way to crystal clear waters and shades of turquoise blending flawlessly with deeper hues of blue — the charming sights to behold in Maldives are many. Add to that, pristine coral reefs and some of the most incredible underwater life on earth. Maldives remains a prime tourism destination visited by millions. Maldives is an archipelago of one thousand one hundred and ninety low-lying coral islands scattered in Indian Ocean, in groups of twenty six naturally occurring atolls.

Maldives beaches are the prominent attraction of Maldives tourism. There are nearly hundred resorts to choose from.

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Whichever island in Maldives you visit, all of them are blessed with perfect coral beaches, lush tropical vegetation and warm shallow waters. Then, to add to it are the fantastic hotel facilities and outstanding service.

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Everything in the island resort is designed with luxury and comfort of tourists in mind. There is almost constant sun shine throughout the year. A rare thunderstorm can be a welcome respite from the sun.

The warm temperatures will allow going for a walk in rain. Taking a swim in an extra warm sea will be an exhilarating experience. An excursion into inhabited island of Maldives is the best way to understand how the ordinary Maldivian scampers through the struggles of life. Some of these islands sport a slightly modern ambience with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas. There are quite fishing villages also with lots of tree-shade, swings and traditional wooden holhaushi. An important activity possible in Maldives is deep sea diving.

The warm seas of Maldives are with high visibility. You can see fishes passing fifty meters away some times. In addition to that are the mar velous formation of over three thousand coral reefs and free flowing tides of monsoon. These perfect conditions have created one of the richest diving coral reef areas.

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Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit waters of Maldives. The monsoon tides of the Indian Ocean create a collection of small marine creatures as well as microscopic plants. This acts as abundant food resource for many underwater species who are lured by it. In Maldives, you can glimpse many varieties while diving.

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Another important thing about Maldives is that you do not have to be a professional diver to dive. There are services of professional trainers and guides available. In a region of more sea than land there is lot of entertaining options you can exercise in water. Maldivians depends a lot on water for recreation and they do not expect tourists to be different. Every resort of Maldives has a sports center which provides range of water sport activities. You can go snorkeling, surfing, parasailing, kayaking, kite surfing, water skiing and jet skiing.

Another option of enjoyment arranged by Maldives travel agents are night reef fishing trip. Sharing information on Maldives water sports activities. All can be experienced during Lakshadweep holidays. Here we are presenting the few that can be explored through package tour to Lakshadweep. Tour to Lakshadweep would not be completed unless you do not visit Kalpeni an important tourist place, comprises of three uninhabited, satellite islands, all encircled by spectacular lagoons tempts tourists from every nook and corner of the world all the year round.

Posted by Swathy Filed under Tourism. Maldives holiday packages for details have as its primary attraction its beaches. Another attraction of Maldives tour packages is the opportunity to dive. Maldives honeymoon packages for more is perhaps the best you can have in the world. Are you pissed off with your tight, hectic shedule and looking for a place with ranging of natural attractions where you can take your family and friends and spend some quality time together, if yes then look no further than Lakshadweep, one of the stunning and picturesque island destinations in south India.

Its incomparable charm and blissful ambiance tempts tourists from every nook and corner of the world all the year round. It is perfect holidaying destination for those who wish to spend their vacations in the lap of mother-nature while enjoying several natural treasures. Every year from every corner of the world, people visit this place in the hordes for honeymoon, beach holiday or family tour. Its significance and splendour is really beyond the words and visual descriptions. In terms of natural attractions it really has not any substitute in the world.

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This island destination is famous for its pristine beaches, beautiful dotted by the swaying coconut trees, turquoise lagoons, dazzling coral reefs, awe-inspiring sceneries, and ranges of floras and faunas. Apart from there are so many things that enhances the popularity of Lakshadweep tourism such as its warm-friendly people, exotic food, well-cultured people and excellent hotels and accommodations gives world class amenities to the visitors and make them feel special.

A trip to this island is simply outstanding and is the prefect way to enjoy charm and splendour of the scenic facets of nature along with the grandeur of the charming islands. Lakshadweep literally means hundred thousands islands is the smallest Union Territory of India and is world-wide famous for its angelic islands.

It is bestowed with about 36 islands among which 10 are inhabited which include Bitra, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, kiltan, Minicoy, and many more. Apart from there are many other islands and attractions that can be explored through Lakshadweep packages such as Kadmath, Agatti, and many more.

Being a small island place there are so many things to explore with having their distinctive features. Kavaratti is the administrative headquarter and the most developed island draws the attention of visitors while visiting and exploring this place. The major attractions of Kavaratti include the Ujra Mosque, Marine aquarium, beaches and water-sports. Kadmat would be finest place for you, if you are visiting there with only adventure and fun-filled activities like, swimming, surfing, diving and angling and many more as it boasts of a water sports institute and a diving school.

Tour to Lakshadweep is full of fun, thrill and excitement leaves tourists spell-bind and awe-struck. So choose the tailor made holiday packages by contact with leading tour operators and make your vacations an unforgettable and everlasting experience. Honeymoon perhaps is the best way to spend the most romantic moment together but however it always required and wanted an exotic, romantic destination.

There are so many destinations world wide having their distinctive features but if you really wish to make it lifetime experience then must head to Maldives an island nation is situated towards the southwest of India and Srilanka. The nation of Maldives is generally a cluster of nearly coral islands, out of which only are inhabited. About 88 islands serve exclusively as resort islands. The islands of this nation stretches km from north to south and km from east of west. Honeymoon in this place is considered to be the most beautiful experience as it has so many things to offers which never fail to lure the heart of any individual.

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In terms of natural attractions it really has not any competitor in the world. Right from tropical greenery, silver sandy beaches lean palm towards the sea, turquoise blue water with several fun-filled and beach activities, all these things can be well experienced through Maldives honeymoon packages Find more.

Apart from there are many other things that can be experienced during visiting this place such as warm and friendly people, exotic sea food, fascinating culture and its exotic hotels and resorts renders all the facilities to the visitors and make them feel special. Honeymooners can select the ideal resort islands to choose among various offers available. Be it beach resort or either water bungalow, the location provides complete privacy to the honeymooners where they can discover the true flavour of love.

Spread across the equator in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the necklace of islands that form Maldives offer a rare vision of tropical paradise. Due to several islands and pristine beaches, it is also considered an ideal place for several beach and adventure activities like snorkelling, parasailing, hiking, water-scooting, swimming, fishing and etc. Bit isolation with full safety, amazing topography and breathtaking attractions, what else makes Maldives a perfect place to visit. Being a small island nation, it is bestowed with so many attractions and destinations having their brilliant features.

To explore all the attractions by close local government has done some special arrangements of hotels and accommodations and most of them are settled near the beach along the perfect backdrop of nature. Among its many attractions are the lush tropical vegetation, swaying palm trees, transparent azure lagoons and one of the best house reefs in the world.

A small gem in the grandeur of pearls on the Indian Ocean that is the Maldives is truly a piece of paradise. Apart from viewing its spectacular landscapes, you can be a part of several adventure or beach activities for which it is very popular. For detailed information on Maldives Attractions Click here :. Its attractiveness lies in its isolation. Many tourists are lured by its peace and tranquility.